Summer Reading Tutoring for Struggling Readers

Experience the benefits and joys of summer reading and online summer tutoring with the proven Viva Phonics curriculum and summer reading program. 

The experienced learning methodology helping struggling readers overpower the struggle and advance in class —

Give us the summer and we’ll give you a confident reader!

Summer Reading Tutoring Starts Now!

A new year school year is a new beginning. As we enter the spring and summer seasons, we also enter the best time to plan your child’s summer reading schedule and get ahead of the curve for the next school year. Starting summer tutoring boosts your child’s chances of beginning the fall term strong.

Diving into reading challenges during the sun and fun of the summer can be a very fun, enjoyable and beneficial experience because students are free from the anxiety of the classroom and the daily school grind.
You have two choices: Summer Reading Success or (the dreaded) Summer Slide.

While every student will benefit from a summer reading program and strategy, it is most vital for struggling readers.

Do you want your child to slide down the learning loss path?
Or … do you want your child to be able to surf and tame the learning waves and outperform their peers, smash learning obstacles and accelerate their reading and comprehension?

Get a jumpstart on next year and your student’s success with Viva Phonics this summer!

The Summer Slide

According to the U.S. Department of Education website, the summer slide is a learning loss that occurs when kids do not engage in educational activities or reading during the summer months

It’s a big deal.

It’s tangible.

And it’s very serious.

The summer slide has a major impact even on the most gifted students.

It is particularly devastating for students struggling with their reading.

Participating in summer reading programs can help prevent the summer slide and even improve reading skills.

Be Proactive

Take preventative measures

Our summer reading program is both preventative, as it stops the summer slide in its tracks, and it’s proactive. It prepares students to level-up for the next school year—all the way to the head of the class.

Build Practice Routines

Practice makes permanent

Just like athletes, star players, aspiring players and everyone in between,  consistency is key in keeping athletes game-ready.
Students need to be classroom-ready. 

Keep Struggles Away!

Stay 2 steps ahead

The good news is learning has no offseason. The right plan can solve any problem. Our Viva Phonics learners now read with ease when others never thought they would!

Summers are better with Viva Phonics!

The choice is up to you: Summer success for your student, or the summer slide.

Your child will be happy. You’ll be happier when you see them developing an appetite for reading and learning.

This spring put Viva Phonics on your summer to-do list.

Spots in our summer reading program are limited so please act now.

We are also available beyond the summer months during the school year.


In the time we have been working with Angelica, he has come leaps and bounds from where he was. He is reading with confidence and excited about it. 

Sherri Bregand

My daughter is in first grade and hated to read and was behind in her reading. She is now reading daily, enjoying it, and right on track with her progress.

Diane Weaver

My son had zero confidence when reading, and wanted nothing to do with it. He recently asked if he could pick out books from the library!

Estela Jaramillo

Summer tutoring WILL help your struggling reader.

We utilize a series of short assessments to check your child’s current literacy development.