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Angelica Lima

Angelica created and continues to work on enhancing the Viva Phonics program.
To better understand language delays and disorders, Angelica recently obtained a Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders and Deaf Education from Utah State University. To make sure Viva Phonics provides accurate information on the English writing system, Angelica studies English spelling and has taken classes with linguists and the founders of Structured Word Inquiry.
She has an Instructional Design Certificate from the University of California Irvine’s Division of Continuing Education and also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She enjoys outdoor adventures and relaxing at home with her husband and two dogs, Niko and Luna.

Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica attended College of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri and graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. After college, she moved to Los Angeles to be a nanny for her new niece; she also joined a company that provided therapy to children and families who struggled with different behavioral conditions. She has been teaching kindergarten and first grade for the past 7 years and has developed a passion for reading foundational skills. Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband and son (especially at the beach) as well as reading, cooking, and taking dance classes.

Nina Vidal

Nina graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Business. She discovered her talent and passion for teaching while working as a volunteer teaching assistant for autistic children. Since then, she has taught in the United States and abroad. Nina has been teaching the English language for 4 years to children ages 3 through 12. She has taught at one of the top elementary schools in Madrid Spain. Nina has also worked as an early childhood music teacher for over 2 years. In her free time, Nina enjoys playing the piano and singing, and is very interested in how music improves language skills. She also enjoys traveling and learning languages.

Sarah Fromentin

Sarah is a former classroom teacher experienced in the dual language school setting. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Child Psychology from the University at Albany – State University of New York. Sarah has also received a master’s degree in Childhood Education from City University of New York-Hunter College. She also has certifications in Early Childhood Education and Bilingual Education. Sarah has recently partnered with the organization, Support Utila, to help improve literacy rates on the island. She enjoys drawing, writing, singing, snorkeling, and spending time with her puppy, Charlie.

Jamie Chlarson

Jamie received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University Idaho. Jamie has a teaching license from the state of Idaho. Before Viva Phonics, Jamie taught with Apple Tree Learning Center and with VIPKID, a virtual platform that teaches children English. Jamie has a 4-year-old boy and a 1-year-old little girl. Jamie enjoys gardening, trying new foods, and playing volleyball.

Ellen Van Meter

Ellen received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan and a Master of Arts in Literacy Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is a certified K-8 teacher and Reading Specialist. Ellen began her teaching career with Teach for America, teaching middle school in San Antonio, TX. In addition to a lifelong love of reading and literature, Ellen is a dancer and spends much of her free time practicing flamenco. She also enjoys playing the ukulele and spending time with her family.

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