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 A Phonics Program for Struggling Readers

Easy to use step-by-step phonics lessons for reading teachers and tutors!

Online Teaching Made Easy

Whether you’re teaching in-person or online, you simply log in and start teaching. There’s nothing to prep!


Progress Tracking

Keep track of lessons with the built in learning management system. Check off lessons as they are mastered.

Interactive Activities

Your reading tutoring activities are complete with interactive components and ideas for hands-on learning.

Get instant access to video flashcards, decodable stories, online books, and interactive activities-
All in one place!

Plus, easy text to speech capability. Try it now. Highlight any text and press play!

Video Flashcards

The video flashcards help you introduce new concepts and prepare students for reading words in context.

Decodable Text

Lessons include decodable sentences and stories to help students practice new skills in context.

Spelling Practice

After each lesson, use the word list and decodable text to complete dictation exercises.