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From “Oh-No!😫” to “In The Know😀”…

You just received a call from your child’s school informing you they are reading below grade level.


To complicate matters, the school also informs you they have no in-school resources to help your struggling reader…

The problem is for you to solve on your own – with your own resources.

Your own financial resources.

Your own family resources.

Your own time resources.

What do you do?

Our Online Reading Tutors offer LIVE remote reading instruction for students struggling to read.

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Online means we are ALWAYS near you…

Wherever YOU are.

Tutoring that breaks through geographic boundaries!

In today’s incredibly fast-paced, digitally connected world, the traditional model of in-person learning and tutoring is being revolutionized by the rise of online education and e-learning.

With the combination of high-speed internet and development of web-based learning technologies, online learning and tutoring has become a compelling alternative to traditional classroom-based instruction.

Empower With Us

Your child gets the skills they need to read at grade-level and beyond.

WATCH as they shift and transform from unhappy to ecstatic because of their learning victories.

LIVE the excitement as they develop their passion for reading and learning.

EMPOWER them with the tools today.

Achieve With Us

EXPERIENCE the sense of accomplishment that comes with overcoming their challenge.

FEEL the pride build in you as see their grades improve and their social skills improve.

ENJOY the warmth in your heart as they develop a joy in attending school and being in class.

Keep in mind: Not all online Reading instruction agencies deliver results.

We do.

Overcome Challenges

Life gives you 🚧 challenges 🚧.

When the challenge is reading or reading adjacent, Viva Phonics is the solution.
The online reading solution that unlocks your child’s future.

No matter where you are: East Coast, West Coast, Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone, New York, California, Maryland, Boston, Florida, D.C., Nevada, Philadelphia, New Mexico, Maine and across the globe…as long as you have an internet connection, you are poweredup and ready to receive the best online reading instruction via remote learning.

We follow the Science of Reading and apply our own unique, proven approach to current and effective structured learning modalities and instructional trends.

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What does online tutoring mean?

Online tutoring, also known as online education, remote learning, distance learning, or e-learning, has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with a significant surge in engagement due to global events like the Pandemic.

This mode of 1:1 education allows students to access educational content and interact with our reading tutors from anywhere with an internet connection:

✔ Computer
✔ Tablet
 ✔ Mobile Phones


One of the key advantages of remote learning is flexibility.

Viva Phonics students can flex their learning schedules to accommodate other commitments, making our tutoring more accessible for working professionals or those with family and caregiver responsibilities.

This flexibility also extends to geographical constraints, enabling individuals to pursue Viva Phonics courses practically anywhere.

Is an online reading tutor expensive?

Cost-effectiveness is another notable benefit of remote learning with a Viva Phonics online reading tutor.

Students save on commuting expenses and other associated costs, making tutoring more affordable.

Remote learning in this way offers many benefits to make it a compelling option for families and their student seeking a flexible and costeffective approach to education in the digital age, especially for younger students.

Why are illustrations, games, stories, and activities used in a tutoring curriculum?

Engagement is a key step in reading success …

Through playful activities students reinforce reading skills, vocabulary, and comprehension in an enjoyable manner.

Illustrations, games, stories and activities are incredibly powerful, fun tools for enhancing the learning process and overcoming challenges.

They are valuable in supporting struggling learners and dissolving their reading difficulties.

Students with reading challenges often face unique obstacles and overwhelm in traditional learning environments.

Viva Phonics incorporates diverse and interactive learning activities that provide a comfort-level and significantly enhance the educational and tutoring experience.

Learning With Illustrations

Visual aids such as illustrations and diagrams, play a vital role in aiding comprehension for students with reading challenges.

These visual elements provide a concrete representation of concepts, making it easier for students to grasp information and retain knowledge.

Using illustrations in lessons creates a more inclusive learning environment – catering to different learning styles.

Learning With Games

Games offer a super-engaging, interactive approach motivating students to actively participate.

Gamification elements like educational games and quizzes, can be laser-focused to address specific and personal reading challenges.

Learning With Stories

Our instructors leverage stories to create relatable and equitable contexts for learning, helping connect with the content on a personal level.

Narratives have a unique ability to captivate and stimulate the imagination. For our struggling readers, storytelling is a robust tool for developing language skills and expanding vocabulary.

Personalized Instruction

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to accommodating students who struggle with reading.

Customizing learning activities focused on individual needs ensures that each student receives the support necessary for their academic growth.

Our personalized approach ensures a positive learning experience and helps build confidence in students who may struggle with traditional reading materials.

Our online educators create inclusive 1:1 environments that empower every student to succeed.

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Every journey begins with a small step …

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