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What an amazing experience with Viva Phonics. My son was struggling with reading, and we did 3.5 months with the amazing instructor Ellen. She was kind, thoughtful and very patient with my son. He has improved drastically and now is reading at a grade level.

Alecia Selinger, Mom of a 1st grader

My son worked with Viva Phonics for his entire 2nd grade school year. We saw tremendous improvement over the course of 9 months–his confidence and his grades are proof of that! Angelica and Jamie are great. I would highly recommend their team for students struggling with reading.

Wanda J., Mom of a 2nd grader

We could not be happier with the results for our 7yo son. He was struggling in class, being bored and confused most of the time (especially with virtual learning setting). One-on-One approach helped build his confidence and skills set. Ms. Ellen is wonderful, attentive, supportive and kind. The approach works and we are hoping to meet all the goals!

Karina Zametin, Mom of a 1st Grader

My son has struggled with reading since kindergarten. He’s been working with Angelica and we’ve seen huge improvements in his reading. My son enjoys the class and has responds well to Angelica. She has also been very accommodating when we need to make schedule changes. I would recommend this class to anyone with a struggling reader.

Nicole Clinger, Mom of a 2nd grader

First, I have to say how thankful I am to have found this course. Viva Phonics has an amazing curriculum. My 2nd grader experienced (now surgically corrected) hearing loss in kindergarten & 1st grade, which really affected her learning in phonics. We now understand why she heavily avoided reading or doing her school work back then – it was way above her abilities because hearing loss blocked her learning. She has been attending classes for 3 months now & has loved it since day 1. The difference in her school work was visible to us within 3 weeks of beginning classes. She started to read her homework questions to us, instead of asking us to read them for her or just avoiding the homework all together. She has a true passion for reading now! Before we began classes in January, she was reading “begin to read” level or level 1 books & struggling & truly fighting it. Her summer reading last year was If You Give a Mouse a Cookie & it took her over an hour (with all the avoidance & fighting) to get through the book, let alone write the book report. Back then, she would guess at words or tell a story based on the picture. She read this book again last night in less than 10 minutes (while pausing to enjoy the pictures) & only needed help with one word. At about 1.5 months in to classes she picked up a chapter book & read it fluently, taking time to sound words out & only needing help on a few words. She has been soaring ever since! We are honestly stunned at the transformation! Miss Jamie is amazing. My daughter said she is “as sweet as a princess”. We truly are thankful for how far our 7 year old has come with Viva Phonics & look forward to seeing how far she will continue to go.

Kristen Highhouse, Mom of a 2nd grader

Outschool Review

April 2021

My son has struggled in reading from the start. We had tried many different programs and tutors with no success and just more tears and frustration. Within a week of starting with Angelica my son said he liked his meeting with her and was excited to learn. In the time we have been working with Angelica he has come leaps and bounds from where he was. He is reading with confidence and excited about it. He wants to read and is so excited to sit down with a book and read to us, it’s not a fight anymore. Angelica has put a love of reading and learning back into my child. I would highly recommend her for any child who is behind or struggling. She has a gentle approach, yet keeps him very focused and engaged during each session.

Sherri Bregand, Mom of a 3rd grader

Google Review

October 2020

My daughter has been struggling with reading and we enrolled her in this class to help support her gettin her up to speed. We have seen real progress through this class and it’s great that they provide an assessment at the beginning of the program and throughout the program where we can actually see improvements and where we can focus efforts. Angelica, her teacher, has been super helpful and communicative about things we can do to help and also about her progress. She is very patient with my daughter and my daughter enjoys the class. I highly recommend to any students who are struggling with reading.

Melissa White, Mom of a 2nd grader

Outschool Review

January 2021

My daughter is autistic, dyslexic but also gifted. She has struggled in the public school system and started this class unable to read. By the end of three weeks, my daughter was reading short sentences and short paragraphs. I highly recommend this class.

Stephanie M.

Outschool Review

March 2020

Our family can’t say ENOUGH about how WONDERFUL we think Ms. Lima is. Our 8YO son greatly struggles with reading, he has some learning disabilities and can get frustrated very easily. These Individual Tutoring sessions have REALLY been amazing. He is progressing quicker than we have ever seen and is doing so with little frustration. Watching his confidence grow and how he has started “self correcting”, makes us so happy to see. We truly feel that we have her to thank for this. He looks forward to his time with Ms. Lima. We HIGHLY recommend her for any children who may be struggling keeping up with reading, she makes this online tutoring a very easy process, always positive and has wonderful communication with parents.

Lauren Lentivech, Mom of a 2nd grader

Viva Phonics is an amazing tutoring program! My son enjoys working with Angelica and has made significant progress. When we started a few months ago, my son’s teacher stated that he was reading below grade level. Now he is reading at the same level as most of his peers. I highly recommend Viva Phonics for anyone looking for a tutor for their child.

Pavielle Britt

Miss. Angelica is amazing. She was super patient and helpful with my daughter. I truly appreciated her openness and honesty in regards to the learning disabilities my child may face when it comes to reading. I highly recommend her and cannot thank her enough for her professionalism while working with my daughter.

Shellie Gibson

Facebook Review

July 2019

Viva Phonics services is a great tutoring program. My 7 year old daughter has the pleasure of working with Angelica who is so amazing at her gift. My daughter went from lacking confidence to now building her confidence when reading. She is no longer shy and enjoys reading. The program is teaching your child the breakdown of words and it delivers what is promised the process is worth it.

Amber Cobb, Mom of a 2nd grader

Google Review

February 2019

My daughter has had difficulties reading since she began school. We have tried other tutoring programs with varying degrees of success. Since starting Viva Phonics, I have seen my daughter gain confidence and a love for reading. My daughter feels successful after every tutoring session. As a parent, I am always kept well informed of my daughter’s progress. I cannot recommend this service enough, and grateful to Angelica and the Viva Phonics program.

Nichole Ciesinski, Mom of a 3rd Grader

Google Review 

February 2019

Angelica shows nothing but excellence in her teaching, both in person and online. She is a teacher who devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest to her daily teaching activities, as well as to her students. These past 4 months she has developed our 6year old from someone who was afraid of reading and did not like it to someone who truly loves it. He was a good bit behind for his grade level and with her contributes and the implementation of a course of action to help our son has contributed significantly to his success. Above all, she is caring and genuinely wants your child to grow and improve. We commend her for the ways in which she has taught our son and helped him be successful. She is a remarkable contribution to the teaching profession. We are so very grateful to have her in our sons corner.

Jessica Carson

Care.com Review

February 2019

Angelica has been wonderful with my two girls. She is amazing! My girls were not confident in reading before starting with Angelica. Now they are feeling confident and excited to tutor with her during the week.

Amy Morris, Mom of a 5th and 7th grader

Google Review 

February 2019