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Online Phonics Tutors for Struggling Readers

Living With a Struggling Reader

Helping our kids learn to read with fluency and confidence can be difficult, especially if our child struggles and doesn’t enjoy reading. As struggling readers progress and move up grade levels in school, the disparity between their lack of reading skills and others in their class may widen. This is the time when we realize something needs to be done.
Our phonics tutoring lessons will help your child learn to read.

Does your child often:


Guess at words?


Skip words?


Depend on pictures to read?


Struggle with comprehension?

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It will only get harder

to catch up.

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My son has struggled in reading from the start. We had tried many different programs and tutors with no success and just more tears and frustration. Within a week of starting with Angelica my son said he liked his meeting with her and was excited to learn. In the time we have been working with Angelica he has come leaps and bounds from where he was. He is reading with confidence and excited about it. He wants to read and is so excited to sit down with a book and read to us, it’s not a fight anymore. Angelica has put a love of reading and learning back into my child. I would highly recommend her for any child who is behind or struggling. She has a gentle approach, yet keeps him very focused and engaged during each session.
Sherri B.
Angelica has been wonderful with my two girls! She is Amazing! My girls where not confident in reading before starting with Angelica. Now they are feeling confident and excited to tutor with her during the week.
Amy M.
My daughter has had difficulties reading since she began school. We have tried other tutoring programs with varying degrees of success. Since starting Viva Phonics, I have seen my daughter gain confidence and a love for reading. My daughter feels successful after every tutoring session. As a parent, I am always kept well informed of my daughter's progress. I cannot recommend this service enough, and grateful to Angelica and the Viva Phonics program.
Nichole C
Viva Phonics services is a great tutoring program. My 7 year old daughter has the pleasure of working with Angelica who is so amazing at her gift. My daughter went from lacking confidence to now building her confidence when reading. She is no longer shy and enjoys reading. The program is teaching your child the breakdown of words and it delivers what is promised the process is worth it.
Amber T.
Shellie Gibson
Shellie Gibson
15:14 29 Jul 19
Miss. Angelica is amazing. She was super patient and helpful with my daughter. I truly appreciated her openness and honesty in regards to the learning disabilities my child may face when it comes to reading. I highly recommend her and cannot thank her enough for her professionalism while working with my daughter.

Imagine your child in just a few weeks…
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Where will they be if they don’t?
Don’t leave reading to chance.

About Viva Phonics

I’m Angelica and I created this online reading intervention program when I started working 1:1 with students who struggled with reading. I found that many times students were being sent home with sight word lists that had no logical pattern and included words that could easily be decoded. Students weren’t able to blend simple words and when they didn’t know a word they would just guess!

The only way to fill the skills gaps was to relearn to read. Starting from scratch ensured that students had the foundational skills needed to grasp more complex concepts within the Viva Phonics program and beyond.

After more than a century of frustration, it has now been shown that the brain can be rewired and that struggling children can become skilled readers. Sally Shaywitz, M.D., Overcoming Dyslexia

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Frequency Asked Questions

Based on the Science of Reading

Teaching phonics in an explicit, systematic way has been proven to be the most effective method for teaching reading. The program follows a well-planned system that progresses from simple to complex building blocks.

For Readers of All Ages

The online phonics resources can be used with students of all ages. The program is designed with older struggling readers in mind. Older students stay motivated to work on the targeted literacy skills without feeling self-conscious about their current reading ability.

Focused and Direct

Each lesson introduces one new skill and the decodable sentences and stories allow the student to practice previously taught concepts. The student can take as long as needed to master each section.