Online Phonics Tutors for Struggling Readers

Our phonics tutoring lessons will help your child learn to read.

A Viva Phonics Tutor Can Help Your Child Learn to Read

Helping a Struggling Reader

Helping our kids learn to read with fluency and confidence can be difficult, especially if our child struggles and doesn’t enjoy reading. As struggling readers progress and move up grade levels in school, the disparity between their lack of reading skills and others in their class may widen. This is the time when we realize something needs to be done and our online phonics tutors can help.

Imagine your child in just a few weeks…

where will they be if their reading journey starts now?

All you’ll need is a reliable internet connection and a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Your child will learn to read while engaging in fun lessons with their tutor. Get your reader started on their journey into cracking the reading code!

Where will they be if they don’t?

Don’t leave reading to chance.

Did you know that your child’s ability to read is linked to his or her self-esteem and social life? It’s true.
And, according to a recent fact sheet and literacy bulletin from RIFReading is Fundamental

  • 65% of fourth graders read at or below the basic level
  • 34% of children entering kindergarten lack the basic word skills to learn
    how to read
  • The first three years of school are a critical to reading and progressing to reading at an advanced level

Why Viva Phonics

One-On-One Learning

A virtual reading tutor guides your child through their reading journey. One-on-one instruction allows your child to receive full attention and is an overall more customized learning experience. Our goal is to instill confidence in readers and help them become self-sufficient learners.

Evidence-Based Reading Instruction

Explicit, systematic phonics instruction has been proven to be an effective method for teaching reading. The online phonics program follows a well-planned system that progresses step-by-step from learning the letter sounds to reading words, sentences and stories.

For Readers of All Ages

The online phonics resources are designed with older students in mind. Readers feel confident as they work on the targeted literacy skills without feeling self-conscious about their current reading ability. Middle school and high school students who need a review of foundational reading skills will feel comfortable learning from the online phonics resources.

Sessions Are Frequent and Engaging

The National Reading Panel’s study on teaching children how to read found that shorter sessions were more effective than longer programs. Each online session with Viva Phonics is focused, direct, and targets the necessary skills that help students become successful readers. Frequent lessons provide students more opportunities to practice and master new skills.

Flexible Payment Options and Scheduling

We offer weekly and biweekly payment options. Once you’re ready to get started, we can discuss how to best include the reading lessons into your child’s schedule. Progress checks are completed every 4 weeks and you have complete access to all program materials. Rates start at $59 per week.

About Viva Phonics

I’m Angelica and I created this online reading intervention program when I started working 1:1 with students who struggled with reading. I found that many times students were being sent home with sight word lists that had no logical pattern and included words that could easily be decoded. Students weren’t able to blend simple words and when they didn’t know a word they would just guess!

The only way to fill the skills gaps was to relearn to read. Starting from scratch ensured that students had the foundational skills needed to grasp more complex concepts within the Viva Phonics program and beyond.

After more than a century of frustration, it has now been shown that the brain can be rewired and that struggling children can become skilled readers. Sally Shaywitz, M.D., Overcoming Dyslexia

Shellie Gibson
Shellie Gibson
15:14 29 Jul 19
Miss. Angelica is amazing. She was super patient and helpful with my daughter. I truly appreciated her openness and honesty in regards to the learning disabilities my child may face when it comes to reading. I highly recommend her and cannot thank her enough for her professionalism while working with my daughter.

Parent Reviews

“My daughter is autistic, dyslexic but also gifted. She has struggled in the public school system and started this class unable to read. By the end of three weeks, my daughter was reading short sentences and short paragraphs. I highly recommend this class.”

Stephanie M.

“Patient and kind. She was very good at explaining what the kids needed to do. We took all four classes from her and highly recommend her.”

Lara J.

“Our family can’t say ENOUGH about how WONDERFUL we think Ms. Lima is. Our 8YO son greatly struggles with reading, he has some learning disabilities and can get frustrated very easily. These Individual Tutoring sessions have REALLY been amazing. He is progressing quicker than we have ever seen and is doing so with little frustration. Watching his confidence grow and how he has started “self correcting”, makes us so happy to see. We truly feel that we have her to thank for this. He looks forward to his time with Ms. Lima. We HIGHLY recommend her for any children who may be struggling keeping up with reading, she makes this online tutoring a very easy process, always positive and has wonderful communication with parents.”

Lauren L.

“Angelica is amazing. My 9 year old is dyslexic and way behind on reading. He has made great progress with Angelica. He does not get frustrated with her, she has a gentle approach and is always there to support Luke and answer any questions I may have. We will continue to use her for all his tutoring needs.”

Sherri L.

“My daughter has been struggling with reading and we enrolled her in this class to help support her gettin her up to speed. We have seen real progress through this class and it’s great that they provide an assessment at the beginning of the program and throughout the program where we can actually see improvements and where we can focus efforts. Angelica her teacher has been super helpful and communicative about things we can do to help and also about her progress. She is very patient with my daughter and my daughter enjoys the class. I highly recommend to any students who are struggling with reading.”

Melissa W.

“Love how well this is working for my son 🙂 <3”

Sandra B.

“Great resource for everyone with school aged children”

Jana E.

“We are glad with our son’s progress. Angelica has been patient, supportive, helpful. Thank you!”

Alex B.

“She was great! Having a little more time and focus was so helpful for my struggling reader.”

Lara J.

“Angelica is wonderful, has great patience, helps keep them focused, and my son LOVED it! Thank you”

Michele W.

“My son is extremely engaged during each session and enjoys his tutor, Jamie Chlarson. We just have one week down, but I’m happy so far too.”

Melissa W.

“I’m truly excited to see my sons outcome. He recently started but I’m seeing the baby steps in progress.”

Tiffany H.