Online Homeschool Reading Program

Our online reading program is REAL PEOPLE engaging in real time teaching your homeschooler how to read.

Whether your child is just beginning to learn how to read or is a struggling reader, with Viva Phonics you get high-quality, personalized and individualized reading lessons.

Is your homeschooler struggling with reading?

Are they on track to reading success?

Does your child read smoothly and quickly with accurate pronunciation, intonation, and expression?

Are they able to comprehend what they read?

Can your child retell the main idea of a story, summarize the plot, make connections to their own experiences, and ask and answer questions about the text?


Are they hitting a reading roadblock?

Are they struggling to read individual words, pause frequently, or make guesses when reading? 

An Online Reading Program to Support Homeschool Families

Specialized Reading Tutors

We utilize best practices in teaching and tutoring and have a powerful grasp of what works and why, and how to get through to even the most challenged of students.

Individualized Instruction

Personalized, individualized lessons targeted to specific-areas of needs. Benefits you don’t get from an app-based program or tutoring that utilizes a one-size fits all approach.

Additional Support

Viva Phonics can supplement homeschool curriculum with additional reading support that goes beyond what some families are able to provide themselves.

Language Skills

Reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and other language skills can be difficult to teach without specialized training.

Improved Confidence

Improve your child’s reading skills and confidence, particularly if your child is struggling or has a learning disability such as dyslexia.


A cost-effective solution which allows for flexibility in scheduling and eliminates the need for travel to in-person sessions.


From Our Homeschool Families

My son has struggled in reading from the start. We had tried many different programs and tutors with no success and just more tears and frustration. Within a week of starting with Angelica my son said he liked his meeting with her and was excited to learn. In the time we have been working with Angelica he has come leaps and bounds from where he was. He is reading with confidence and excited about it. He wants to read and is so excited to sit down with a book and read to us, it’s not a fight anymore. Angelica has put a love of reading and learning back into my child. I would highly recommend her for any child who is behind or struggling. She has a gentle approach, yet keeps him very focused and engaged during each session.

Sherri Bregand

Mom of a struggling reader

We are homeschooling my 6 year old grandson due to pandemic and it has been a huge challenge for us to keep him engaged and willing to do the assignments and to keep practicing. So I looked for ways to help him have more fun, boost his confidence and at the same time help us back up what he’s learning in kindergarten. I found Private Reading Phonics and it has worked out very week for him!!! Ms. Becky is amazing with him and he absolutely adores her.  

Lisa W.

Mom of an emerging reader

Why We Are Different

VivaPhonics is NOT an app.
VivaPhonics is REAL PEOPLE engaging in real time helping your homeschooler learn to read. Trained, trusted, experienced educators.

Viva Phonics has been providing online reading tutoring services to homeschool families since 2018!
In this time we have developed an exceptional program and curriculum optimized for online and remote learning. 

Our high-quality program is equipped with fun games and activities for active learning, engagement and results that both students and parents love.
Homeschool families also really love our reasonable rates and pricing plans.

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