Is Your First Grader Struggling with Reading?

1st grade tutoring

First Grade Reading Tutors

First grade is the most important year for building reading skills. If your child is behind in reading, the time to act is now!
Viva Phonics provides tutors for 1st graders who are struggling with reading. 

Does your first grader need a reading tutor?

  • During the beginning of your child’s first-grade year, classroom instruction should focus on letter names and letter sound identification. Along with these skills, first graders begin to understand that words are made up of smaller speech units.
  • Instruction should move quickly so that during the middle of the year, first graders are blending sounds to read words-that is decoding. With continued practice in decoding, children are beginning to read easily and accurately, building fluency.
  • By the end of the year, first graders can begin to string together short phrases and sentences to read paragraphs. 

If your child falls behind at any point, get help. With a Viva Phonics tutor well versed in first grade reading expectations, your child will have a chance to keep up with their peers.

With a 1st grade tutor, your child will learn how to:

Quickly recall the names of letters

Competently identify sounds for letters

Accurately blend sounds to read words

Confidently read with ease and accuracy

Correctly retell the events in a story

We could not be happier with the results of our 7yo son.”

He was struggling in class, being bored and confused most of the time (especially with virtual learning setting). One-on-One approach helped build his confidence and skills set. Ms. Ellen is wonderful, attentive, supportive and kind. The approach works and we are hoping to meet all the goals!

With early reading intervention, this student will reach the end of year grade-level goals and enter second grade as a confident reader!

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The assessment step is used to determine the student’s needs. We utilize a series of short assessments to check your child’s current literacy development.

  • Nonsense Word Reading Fluency
  • Word Reading Fluency
  • Oral Reading Fluency

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