Do You Know If Your Child Is Reading on Grade Level?  

We can help determine if your child is reading at or below grade level and whether they could benefit from a reading tutor. 

Viva Phonics is a super-fun, super-effective phonics program for early learners to learn how to crack the reading code with a sequential process that moves step-by-step from letter sounds … to words … to sentences and stories.

If You Think Your Child Is Reading Below Grade Level…
We can help.

STEP 1: Schedule Your Appointment

If you are not ready to enroll, scheduling your appointment is the first step in getting started with Viva Phonics online tutoring. 

You can click here to book your appointment right now.

STEP 2: Perform An Assessment

The assessment step is used to determine the student’s needs. We utilize a series of short assessments to check your child’s current literacy development.

  • Nonsense Word Reading Fluency
  • Word Reading Fluency
  • Oral Reading Fluency

These short measures will tell us if your child knows basic letter sounds and whether they can blend those sounds to read new words. We often notice that some children can read real words but struggle to read made-up words. This is because the skills they are learning may not be transferring to read new words.

STEP 3: Score Comparison

We compare the scores of the assessments to the established grade level benchmarks. The reading goals are listed on charts separated by grade level.

The benchmarks tell us where your child is supposed to score and where the child’s current reading abilities are. 

If your child falls in the critical red or yellow range — the lower ranges of the benchmarks, we can determine that Viva Phonics online tutoring services will be beneficial.

The red and yellow ranges mean that your child is reading below grade level and unless reading intervention takes place, your child may not meet the end of year grade level goals for reading. 

STEP 4: Confirm Program Eligibility

Once the assessment and score comparison is complete we will determine eligibility for our services. 

Right now, demand for our tutoring services is extremely high and sometimes a student’s need is out of our scope. This means there is not sufficient need for phonics intervention. If that is the case we will let you know.

We wish we could help and support all students and their families that are interested in our instructional reading services. The Viva Phonics program focuses on teaching early literacy skills. If your child is reading on grade level, we will advise you to seek out a professional with the proper expertise to continue advancing their skills.

STEP 5: Create Your Schedule

We are flexible and scheduling will be suited to your family’s needs. You can start as soon as you’d like. 

Typically, it takes a week to get started once the appointment is scheduled, the screening is complete, and the date to start service is determined.

  • Because struggling readers require frequent practice and feedback, we meet a minimum of 3-4 times per week. 
  • Each session is 20 minutes in length. 

We ask for the student to come prepared to each session with their pencil and wide-ruled notebook.The student should be seated at a table that is comfortable and free from distractions in the background.

STEP 6: Payment Terms

Viva Phonics does not require a sign-up fee. 

Rates begin at $65 per week and you have access to ALL of the resources we use.

Other materials we request can be purchased for less than $5.

STEP 7: ZOOM Into Reading Success

You will receive a zoom link that you will use for every session.

You will also receive your schedule and a review of our rescheduling and cancellation policies. 

Your child is all set to start meeting with their online reading tutor and begin their adventures with phonics once you have completed enrollment by making the required payment.

Reaching grade-level proficiency will take time and work. 

You will be continuously informed on progress. We complete a progress update every 6 weeks. 

You will also receive weekly notifications on what your child learned that week and what you can do at home to continue developing the new reading skills.  


Struggling readers can become strong confident learners.

Your child can learn to read at grade level.

When you are ready to unlock the building blocks of reading and empower your child, you can set up your appointment and free reading assessment. 

We look forward to providing online tutoring during Covid — and beyond — in these challenging times for families and their students. 

We are also here to answer any questions you might have. 

Let’s start cracking the reading code together!