How Does Viva Phonics Teach Reading?

Viva Phonics is a synthetic phonics-based approach to teaching reading, which means it teaches children to read by breaking down words into their individual sounds (phonemes) and then blending those sounds together to form words. Here are some of the key components of Viva Phonics.

Viva Phonics is an effective program for teaching children to read.

Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondence

Sound it out

Viva Phonics teaches children the relationship between written letters (graphemes) and the sounds they represent (phonemes). Children are taught to associate each letter or letter combination with its corresponding sound. 

A structure literacy approach — essential for struggling readers and children with dyslexia. 

Systematic Progression

Builds from easy to hard

The Viva Phonics program is structured in a logical and sequential manner, with each lesson building on the previous one. Children start with the simplest letter-sound relationships and gradually move on to more complex ones.

Multi-Sensory Approach

Sight, sound, movement

Viva Phonics incorporates different sensory modalities to help children learn and retain information.

For instance, as part of learning to read, children engage in listening to words being read aloud, observing printed text, and practicing both letter formation and spelling.

Based on The Science of Reading.

Repetition and Practice

Practice makes permanent

Children need to practice reading, spelling, and writing regularly to become proficient. Viva Phonics provides ample opportunities for repetition and practice through a variety of activities and exercises.

Early Reading Materials

Engaging activities and stories

Viva Phonics uses decodable books that contain words made up of the letter-sound relationships children have learned. This allows children to apply their phonics skills to reading real words from an early stage.

Viva Phonics is the best online reading program for emerging and struggling readers!

After trying a few different group classes, this one on one was really the game changer!

My daughter absolutely loves her teacher Ms. Becky and is so excited for each class. I love that they meet multiple times a week and continue to keep the material they are going over fresh on my daughters mind instead of in one ear and out the other with once a week classes. This is only her first week completed and I already see improvements and more excitement towards letters and reading.  

Mikayla O.
Outschool Review

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