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Viva Phonics is REAL PEOPLE engaging in real time with your child.
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Benefits you don’t get from an app-based program or tutoring that utilizes a one-size fits all approach, which fails to target specific problem areas.

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With our best online reading tutors you get personalized, individualized lessons targeted to specific-areas of needs.


A cost-effective solution right in the comfort of your child’s preferred home-learning space.


Online reading tutoring also saves time! You can eliminate the headache and costs associated with driving to a physical location.

In a world where everything revolves around words, how confident are you in your child’s reading ability?

Are they reading on grade-level or below?

Are they able to comprehend what they read?

Or … are they hitting a reading roadblock?

Our Best Online Reading Tutors will help your child –

Achieve grade level reading or above.

Improve their reading comprehension.

Get past the reading roadblock!

The best time for reading tutoring is during the elementary school years.

Early intervention during the elementary school years is so vital because it affects all education.

Older students will have to work harder and longer to catch up.

When students receive reading intervention in pre-k, kindergarten, or first grade their chances of reading on grade level improves immensely.

Without intervention in these critical years, it is much more difficult.

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