2nd Grade Reading Tutors

Is your second grader still struggling with reading? Don’t wait any longer.

A Viva Phonics tutor will provide reading tutoring lessons to help your child become a strong, confident reader.

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Is Your 2nd Grader Struggling with Reading?

He is progressing quicker than we have ever seen and is doing so with little frustration. 

Our family can’t say ENOUGH about how WONDERFUL we think Ms. Lima is. Our 8YO son greatly struggles with reading, he has some learning disabilities and can get frustrated very easily. These Individual Tutoring sessions have REALLY been amazing. He is progressing quicker than we have ever seen and is doing so with little frustration. Watching his confidence grow and how he has started “self correcting”, makes us so happy to see. We truly feel that we have her to thank for this. He looks forward to his time with Ms. Lima. We HIGHLY recommend her for any children who may be struggling keeping up with reading, she makes this online tutoring a very easy process, always positive and has wonderful communication with parents.
Lauren Lentivech
Outschool Review

A Viva Phonics Tutor Will Help Your Child:

Read Words Accurately

Is your child often finding it difficult to read both easy and challenging words? Do they attempt to sound out the word but eventually resort to guessing? This may negatively impact their overall comprehension. We will help your child understand letter-sound relationships, enhancing their ability to read words accurately.

Read Words Smoothly

Is your child experiencing choppy reading struggling to read longer texts? Our fluency exercises are designed to make their reading smoother and more effortless. Fluent readers can better comprehend and engage with the content they read. Let’s work together to improve your child’s reading skills!

Improve Spelling

Spelling can be challenging, but integrating spelling practice with phonics instruction can pave the way for a less frustrating spelling journey. Our spelling exercises begin with the spelling of individual words and progress to writing simple sentences. A strong speller is a strong reader and writer! 

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