Reading Intervention Program for Struggling Readers | Viva Phonics

Reading Intervention that Works!

A Reading Program for Struggling Readers

A proven system that allows students of all ages to achieve reading success.

Families and Teachers

Do you teach reading?

Video flashcards and decodable sentences and stories make teaching reading easy!

How does Viva Phonics help students with reading?

Each phonics lesson is strategically designed to help your struggling reader master new skills
and gain confidence in their reading ability.


Readers start by increasing their understanding of letter-sound
relationships. This is key to helping students recognize familiar words and decode new words. The ability to decode helps readers grasp new vocabulary and apply new terms correctly.


Readers build reading fluency through repetition, practice and drills. This new ability to read words quickly, accurately and with expression will improve a student’s comprehension skills, increasing his appetite for reading and devouring all things words.


Readers develop a rock-solid foundation in spelling through dictation exercises – an integral part of reading – by practicing the speech sounds verbally, and spelling those speech sounds accurately. A strong speller is a strong reader and writer!

Based on the Science of Reading

Teaching phonics in an explicit, systematic way has been proven to be the most effective method for teaching reading. The program follows a well-planned system that progresses from simple to complex building blocks.

For Readers of All Ages

The online phonics resources can be used with students of all ages. The program is designed with older struggling readers in mind. Older students stay motivated to work on the targeted literacy skills without feeling self-conscious about their current reading ability.

Focused and Direct

Each lesson introduces one new skill and the decodable sentences and stories allow the student to practice previously taught concepts. The student can take as long as needed to master each section.

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