Online Reading Tutoring That Works!

One-on-one online reading tutoring helps emerging and struggling readers become strong, confident students!

Viva Phonics is a super-fun and effective phonics program for early learners to learn how to crack the reading code with a sequential process that moves step-by-step from letter sounds…to words…to sentences and stories.

Online Reading Tutoring for Emerging and Struggling Readers

Our online reading tutoring program follows a well-planned system that progresses from simple to complex building blocks. The program is complete with games and interactive activities that help kids have fun and stay engaged while learning.

Our goal is to instill confidence in readers and help them become self-sufficient learners. Team up with a Viva Phonics tutor to empower your child, setting them on the path to becoming a strong, confident reader!

Does your child often:


Guess at words?


Skip words?


Depend on pictures to read?


Struggle with comprehension?

A Viva Phonics tutor will help your child –

Improve Reading Skills

A Viva Phonics tutor will provide personalized instruction based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them develop critical skills in phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

Increase Confidence

Our tutors provide a supportive environment where students can work at their own pace. As they make progress and see their reading skills improve, and their self-esteem grows!

Enhance Overall Performance

As students become stronger readers through tutoring, they can better grasp and understand information presented in other subjects. Your child will also perform better in standardized tests!

How does Viva Phonics help students with reading?

Each phonics lesson is strategically designed to help your struggling reader master new skills and gain confidence in their reading ability.


Readers start by increasing their understanding of letter-sound relationships. This is key to helping students recognize familiar words and decode new words. The ability to decode helps readers grasp new vocabulary and apply new terms correctly.


Readers build reading fluency through repetition, practice and drills. This new ability to read words quickly, accurately and with expression will improve a student’s comprehension skills, increasing his appetite for reading and devouring all things words.


Readers develop a rock-solid foundation in spelling through dictation exercises – an integral part of reading – by practicing the speech sounds verbally, and spelling those speech sounds accurately. A strong speller is a strong reader and writer!

Meet Our Tutors

Ms. Allison

Ms. Becky

Ms. Sarah

Ms. Denise

I have seen huge improvements with him and his reading. This program has been great. It is very organized and well structured. My son loves the games incorporated into the lessons. It’s like hes not even doing “work”. This class is more than just about reading/phonics, Ms Rebecca has become like one of our family members. I would highly recommend this program for any struggling readers.

Amanda Cleckler

Outschool Review

My daughter loves Ms. Allison! We have been working through this program for months now and the commitment has paid off. Its given my daughter the extra practice she needs and she loves seeing her progress each week and Ms. Allison makes her feel special! Highly recommend this class and Ms. Allison!

Sarah G.

Outschool Review